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You didn't care for me,
It was something sick.
Comprised from my brain,
Spread through my veins.
With Your blood in reign,
Found myself a name.
Splicing the DNA,
Of my every way.
All my life with this familiar pain,
Leave a child alone, expect it sane.
Striving for the same kinds of wounds,
Circling my last every move,
I don't need to love myself right?
If I just pretend to love you.
But any lost soul could play your game,
You sensed my weakness, went for prey.
For each word of mine you'd cast away,
Well I have one last thing to say.
Don't forget the lone catalyst,
Who walked into your life.
You will reminisce on the space,
Where your eyes had met mine.
Engrave within the true masochist,
Who let you torture her mind.
And you think you're so evil,
And from off that you strive,
Well you're already dead,
You have been the whole time.
One of the many poems I've articulated since the voluntary death of my unhealthy relationship. I really hope I can speak to someone's heart out there, you are notttttttt alone. My ex was very verbally and sometimes even physically abusive to me. I am a strong and capable human being, this could happen to anyone. I was manipulated into believing I was worthless for many years and felt very alone and confused. Everyone is worth something, and deserves to be respected, no matter what. This poem is accordingly a tribute to self worth and gives a view into the dimensions of a reality warped by mental abuse.
Durdeva Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2012
Amazing :O
Chevrotain Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2012
Thank you so much, it means a lot you enjoyed it. I truly write poems in hopes of evoking some type of emotion within others, I feel like it brings us all closer somehow.. have a nice night dear Durdeva and thank you once again for your nice comment <3.
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